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Mother’s Day…  A day on which we’re meant to celebrate all the wondrous joys that constitute “motherhood”.  Unless, of course, you have my mother.

The popular image of a mother is a woman who kisses away tears and bakes cookies.

If a child is unfortunate enough to cry around my maternal unit, he/she would hear the following, “Feeling sorry for yourself, aren’t you?”  Plus, my mother has never been in our kitchen.

Some mothers collect dolls, teddy bears or Hummel figurines.  My mother collects rocks.  No.  Really.

Some mothers just tie their hair back, throw on some jeans and take the little tykes to the park.  I went to Elizabeth Arden with my “dressed-to-kill” mother for 5 hours at a time while her hair was streaked.  Instead of heading to the park after the hairdresser, my mother took me to The Plaza for lunch.

I think you can see a pattern developing.

You would think that when a mother drops her only child off at college, she would offer words of wisdom.  Some parting information that she wishes to convey.  Maybe something like, “Study hard” or “Make friends” or even, “Be careful”.  Do you know what my mother called out to me as her car was driving off into the horizon?

“Make sure you coordinate your clothes.”

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mommy Park

P.S.  True to form, when my Mommy saw this photo, she said, “It’s a shame I didn’t have highlights in my hair that day.”  I rest my case.


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